Friday, August 17, 2012


Published in the dailies Dnevnik and Vest on August 17, 2012

The biggest evil in human history -- fascism -- has supporters in Macedonia, and as nowhere in the world it got its chance to promote their sick and horrible ideology in public media in Macedonia.
Publicizing of the commemoration ad in honor of Rudof Hess in the daily newspapers Dnevnik and Vest (parts of MPM Group) represents an unseen precedent in world’s history. We do not believe that anywhere in the world this kind of public announcement could occur.
We are shocked by praising one of the darkest figures in the history of humanity, the right hand of Hitler, the war criminal Rudolf Hess.
Short and clear: for this public announcement, those responsible should go to jail. We demand an immediate investigation and punishment of the authors and those responsible for publishing this horrendous promotion of fascism.

CIVIL- Center for Freedom

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Appeal to the civil society organizations
e are witnessing tectonic shifts in the political and social sphere in the country. Republic of Macedonia is in a state of continuous turmoil for some time now, which directly affects its development, the state of human rights and freedoms, democracy and rule of law, international and regional positioning of the country, as well as the everyday life of the citizens.
Participation of the civil society sector in the processes of essential importance for the presence and the future of the Republic of Macedonia is far from visible. By this, we do not claim that civil society organizations do not do enough, but fragmentation and non-coordination lead to short-term or no effects and low visibility of changes that civil society organizations stand for.
It is time to change that.
It is time for civil society organizations to raise their voice and show they are not to be bypassed, but to be respected as one of the greatest resources that this country has in these times.
It is time for civil society organizations to give up the formal seats in phony commissions and connect with the people.
It is time for civil society organizations to claim what they have achieved and make our work worth mentioning and remembering.
It is time to connect and work together on common issues for the benefit of all citizens of the Republic of Macedonia.
Let us overcome doubts and constraints, let us join forces and await for the coming period of even greater turmoil -- ready and as credible carriers of the interests and expectations of our fellow citizens.

Civil – Center for Freedom